Logging Into Your Linux VPS
Follow the steps below to login to Linux VPS.
1) Locate the email sent to your email containing your username. Your password will not be sent to you, you should have remembered it upon providing the password to the setup page.
2) If on windows download putty. If on Linux you can download an alternative or use the command line.
This tutorial will show you how to connect to your Linux server using Putty.
3) Open Putty
Putty should look like this (unless it has been updated)
4) In the "Host Name (or IP address)" box, type in the IP that was sent to your email.
5) Ensure that "SSH" is selected under "Connection Type".
6) After ensuring putty is set up correctly with the port as "22", press "Open".
7) You should see a window appear like so:
8) Type in your username (default is root).
9) Type in your password, note that you will not see any change when you type (as in no *'s will appear. This is normal and continue to type in your password. If you want to paste your password in, click onto the window and right-click with your mouse to paste).
10) Once you have typed in your password, press ENTER and you will login.
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