Logging Into Your Windows VPS
Follow the steps below to login to Windows VPS.
By default RDP is enabled on our windows servers - this can be edited if you would like. This guide will show you how to connect via RDP.
1) Locate the email sent to your email containing your username and password.
2) Open RDP (if on windows) if on linux find another client like FreeRDP.
3) In the "Computer" box, type in the IP of the server (sent to your emails)
4) You should see the page below, enter your password into the password box. If your username is not administrator, follow the steps 5-7, if not, skip to step 8.
5) [If your username is not administrator] Now press "More Choices".
6) [If your username is not administrator] Then press "Use a different account".
7) [If your username is not administrator] Finally, now type in your username and password.
8) Press "ok" and you will connect to the server.
Last modified 3mo ago
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